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Air Data Solutions is a company of experts. Our founder, Don Cummins, was a pilot for years before realizing that there was a need in the aviation space for aerial mapping expertise with data focused delivery. He built ADS to service this need in an industry where too much data is a problem. He and his team have created software and systems to supply our clients with exactly what they need to make decisions with confidence and clarity.

ADS Leadership

ADS Team

At ADS, we believe that partnership is the path to progress. This belief permeates within the walls of ADS and extends to a global community of satisfied clients. To cultivate an atmosphere of teamwork, we have carefully crafted a group of talented and passionate individuals that dream and build together. Each member of the ADS team is relentlessly focused on achieving goals and results on all fronts. 

Lacey Lloyd
Drone over construction
aerial patrol
aerial photogrammetry and data collection
ADS team
Aerial data collection
Leica city mapper lidar sensor
imagery processessing
leica terrain mapper lidar sensor
drone flight over acres
sonar and bathymetry
drone in field
data collection
drone over field
manned aircraft

ADS Fleet

Air Data Solutions has an extensive state-of-the-art fleet of piloted and unmanned aircraft (drones). Our pilots are FAA trained and our drone pilots are rated to operate numerous drone models including specialized drones capable of completing long missions with eight hour uninterrupted flight times.

aerial imagery and data collection
ogi methane leak detection aerial patrol
fixed wing imagery collection twin engine
aerial imagery and data collection
aerial imagery and data collection
single engine manned aircraft
aerial imagery data collection
aerial imagery and data collection
aerial imagery and data collection
Leica sensor

ADS Sensors

ADS utilizes the latest sensor technology to capture the most precise and accurate data available. Our team has mapped and processed millions acres across four countries and delivered the highest-quality data available on the market. Our philosophy is to provide the most progressive solutions in the simplest format possible so our clients spend less time learning and more time acting on the data.

ADS Clients

HGA Engineering and Survey
Tetra Tech
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